Modern Masters Brand

If you are searching for a really unique look that will add notes of luxury and culture to your decorating project, consider the big lineup of Modern Masters metallic and reactive paints and Plasters available at Hardware World. These paints and plasters will step up the level of any project from the ordinary to the extraordinary, so you can truly create your own masterpiece.

Our Modern Masters paint quart and Modern Masters gallon cans give you the power to produce stunning effects with just a brush or roller. You can create endless combinations of eye-catching colors with our Modern Masters metallic paints, which boast non-tarnishing colors and real metal particles with pearlescent and traditional pigments combined to create very special effects. We also have patina metal kits to provide a look of ageless grace and classical elegance to projects as well as shimmer interior wall paint to produce a fun and jazzy modern look.

Don't forget to browse our metallic plasters, which can produce equally stunning effects, as well as our reactive paints, specially formulated to produce a beautiful rust finish in minutes.