Super Glue, Epoxy, Specialty Adhesives

Sometimes, a nail or screw just won't do. If you need to permanently attach something to something else, the right adhesive gets the job done easily. The trick is to get an adhesive that is formulated for the materials you want to bond. Super glue doesn't always work, and the white stuff from school is not made to handle projects that require durability.

At Hardware World, we carry a wide variety of different glues, epoxy and other adhesives. Made by the industry's most respected names such as Elmer's, Gorilla Glue, Loctite and Krazy Glue, these products are made to provide a durable, strong bond that lasts for a long time.

Dishwasher-safe glass glue will help repair broken dishes. Elmer's Tub and Shower repair kit will help make your bathroom watertight. Goop Supermend Epoxy will attach a variety of materials easily. We carry deep discounts on many different adhesives, and you'll bond quickly with our same-day shipping