Low in cost and able to withstand the environment to resist corrosion, plastic and nylon pipes make a smart choice for many applications above or below ground. Light, adaptable and easy to handle and work with, they will deliver years of trouble-free service wherever you use them.

Hardware World carries a big selection of Plastic and Nylon Pipes and Fittings to help you find exactly what you need for your project. We enjoy huge cost benefits thanks to our low overhead, and we can pass these savings on to you, whether you're shopping for plastic pipe or nylon pipe or the plastic pipe fittings and nylon pipe fittings to connect them.

We carry plastic plumbing fittings such as cleanout tees, traps and elbows to help you do any plumbing job right. We also offer a big selection of nylon tubing fittings, such as tees, couplings and adapters, to provide sure and secure connections.