Schedule 40 PVC-DWV Pipe & Fittings

Schedule 40 PVC DWV pipe is the number one choice for home plumbing repairs and new irrigation projects, and Hardware World carries pipes and fitting from the leading hardware brands in the U.S. for your needs. The dimensions of schedule 40 DWV pipe make it less expensive than other PVC pipes while still easily handling the temperatures of typical residential use. The drain, waste and vent applications they are typically used for cause minimal stress, meaning manufacturers can use thinner sidewalls and thus lower the cost for customers. DWV fittings and pipes also have the same size and threading as regular PVC piping.

We carry schedule 40 PVC pipe in 4-inch and 3-inch diameters depending on how high you expect your maximum flow rate to be. But it's our schedule 40 PVC fittings where the variety Hardware World is known for really stands out. Options include two-way cleanout tees, trap flower drains, sanitary tees, 60-degree elbows, PVC Y-fittings, repair couplings and anti-siphon valves. You can get all of your PVC piping and hardware in one place when you take advantage of our sales tax–free prices (except in Washington State) and fast shipping anywhere in the U.S. Schedule your next order today!