Flexible Drain Pipe Fittings

Flexible drain pipe fittings and compression couplings from Hardware World made plumbing repairs much more convenient. These fittings allow you to cut into a line and make repairs without replacing large sections of pipe. You can simply address the portion of the line that is leaking or failing. They also make it easier to run lines in odd spaces or to accommodate inclines or declines.

Hardware World offers flexible drain pipe fittings and compression couplings in sizes from ¾-inch to as large as 6 inches. Couplers, reducers, elbows, tees, caps, sealers and other fittings are all available.

We make it easy to have all the flexible fittings you need on hand before you start your project. Simply order the sizes you require online, with same-day shipping on orders made by noon Eastern Standard Time and no sales tax outside Washington State. Hardware World offers everything your local hardware store carries, with more than 40,000 products from almost 1,000 manufacturers. Save yourself the trip and buy online.