CPVC Tubing & Fittings

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, or CPVC for short, is similar to standard PVC, but is slightly more flexible and more resistant to high temperatures. It is often used for hot and cold water pipes or for industrial purposes. Hardware World carries a large selection of CPVC products to choose from including various fittings, elbows and more. Get the best prices and selection of CPVC tubing and fittings by shopping online at HardwareWorld.com.

CPVC is easy to work with and can be cut using common tools. Cut sections can be put together with different types of fittings and pre-made elbows, inside corners and tee fittings are available in various sizes to fit all diameters of CPVC. We also carry connectors that allow CPVC tubing to be connected to garden hoses and other twist-on fixtures. With such a large selection of CPVC products to choose from, it's easy to find the right tubing and fittings to bring your project to life. Shop at Hardware World today to find all of the CPVC products and fittings you need at affordable prices. Customers outside of Washington state never pay any sales tax, and orders placed before noon Eastern Standard Time qualify for same-day shipping.