Stock Tanks, Parts & Accessories

Whether you need to provide drinking water for animals or store baitfish, you can build a new stock tank or upgrade your current one with our wide assortment of parts and accessories. Hardware World stocks products from all the top brands such as Watts, Moore Plastics and K&H that are proven to work. You can find a stock tank valve made of plastic, aluminum or brass to control water levels, drains and plugs for emptying a tank, stock tank de-icers to keep water from freezing on cold days and many other parts to keep your tank in top shape.

Stock tanks have a number of non-agricultural uses as well, including storing beverages and perishables at county fairs or being an indoor habitat for turtles and other aquatic pets. However you use your tank, you can get brand new heavy-duty stock tanks and all the right parts from Hardware World. Our durable components such as nuzzle assemblies and tank nipples are designed to resist rust and corrosion in these high-moisture environments. We have low prices and no sales tax outside of Washington State, so you can afford to keep your horses and cattle hydrated with good drinking water.