Pry Bars

Often, the first step in a renovation project is getting rid of the old, rotten and ugly stuff. At Hardware World, we carry a huge selection of pry bars, wrecking bars and nail pullers that will help you make short work of tear-downs. Besides being handy for renovations, these demolition devices are useful for many other applications, from removing shutters from your vacation home to jimmying stuck items free.

But first, a little information about the nomenclature. Are you wondering about the crow/pry/wreck bar difference? These terms often are used interchangeably. Pry bar can be a synonym for crow bar or wrecking bar. Technically, however, wrecking bars reflect what their name implies. Intended primarily for separating wooden components, wrecking bars have a nail puller at one end. Pry bars tend to be preferred for deconstruction jobs requiring a lighter touch. Crow bars are bigger, are available with or without nail pullers and have a more pronounced hook at the end.

Whatever type of demolition tool you are looking for, we probably have it, from Mayhew pry bars to SharkGrip pry bars and nail pullers. If you don't see what you're looking for or have questions about which tool is best for your project, call us toll-free or email us.