Item # W3AUNMUPC: 049793092700


BANG! Oh no! When you look behind the door, what do you expect to see? At the very least, a big dent where the door knob hit the wall, right? Or worse, an even bigger hole in the drywall where the knob went right on through. Oh boy. Big repair job and big bill.

Not any more! No more knob damage or knob holes knocked into walls. Protect interior walls from impact damage by shielding contact point of wall and door knob. Even provides a nice repair to damaged walls. No home or business should be without wall protectors!

  • Rigid vinyl - self-adhesive wall protector
  • Protects interior walls from impact damage
  • Shields contact point of wall & door knob
  • Repairs damaged walls
  • One protector per card
  • 3.25" Diameter
  • Smooth White