When you have an electrical project on the to-do list for your home, office, commercial storefront or manufacturing plant, Hardware World has the supplies you need to get it done quickly and safely. Our electrical hardware runs the gamut from power and socket adapters to Wi-Fi wall switches. For many homeowners, their focus will be on preventative maintenance, and we carry a variety of electrical testers and tools for keeping your connections working. You'll find circuit and voltage meters for checking if current is flowing properly, wire strippers and fish tape for forming conduits, replacement extension cords and fuses, plus other accessories that ship same-day when you order before noon Eastern time.

Licensed electricians and other advanced users will love our low prices on premium electric hardware from the country's leading manufacturers. Operate your home appliances and security lights from up to 20 yards away using remote lighting controls, or set your portable A/C to turn on and off at preset times with a digital appliance timer. We can even get your home theater up and running with coaxial cable and speaker wires.

Hardware World stocks thousands of high-quality electrical hardware products and accessories for people of all experience levels. Use them for theater productions, outdoor displays, garages and any other situation that demands excellence. We have everything you can expect to find locally along with specialty items for tough jobs. And by dealing with bulk orders, we are able to keep prices low so you can afford the best hardware. We are known for great service as well, as our staff understands your needs and will do everything they can to get you the right product quickly. Contact us today with any ordering questions or to learn more about our wide selection.