Item # W3ASVQUPC: 018506001100

  • Biological mosquito control
  • Kills mosquito larva for 30 days
  • Harmless to other living things
  • Dunk floats in water killing larvae
  • Place in any standing water
  • Safe for stock tanks-fish ponds
  • Use anywhere water collects
  • MOSQUITO DUNKSĀ® can also be applied to dry areas which are known or suspected to become breeding sites when flooded, such as abandoned swimming pools, the dunks will float to the surface when flooding occurs and start releasing the active Bti material. Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce their effectiveness.
  • Outdoor Use around the Household to kill Mosquito Larvae: MOSQUITO DUNKSĀ® can be broken into portions for use in many outdoor applications near the household, such as containerized standing water in bird baths, old automobile tires, rain barrels, abandoned or unused swimming pools (particularly above ground types), tree holes, roof gutters for collecting rainwater, flower pots, animal watering troughs, or water gardens.
  • 6 per card