Item # EC0SUXUPC: 039961880079


There is nothing worse than having your septic system back up.  A way to prevent septic back up is with a Flush N’ Sparkle™ with BioBalance™ Septic Care Kit.  The Septic Care Kit injects biodegradable enzymes into the septic system every time the toilet is flushed, helping to keep the septic system working smoothly. The Septic Care Kit works for three months, and replacing the cartridge takes less than a minute.

NOTE: The mfg has discontinued the holder for this item but these cartridges will fit in both the bleach system and the blue system dispensers.

  • Safe to handle without gloves
  • Replace every 3 months or when color disappears
  • This order is for the refill cartridges only ~ 2 per card