Item # EC0QCHUPC: 098584000547


The Scale Master Pro XE digital plan measure (6135) from Calculated Industries makes it easy to do linear, area and volume takeoffs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning.

You can also connect it to your PC with an optional interface cable and transfer rolled values directly into commonly used spreadsheets or estimating programs--saving countless keystrokes, saving time and reducing the potential for costly transcribing errors.

  • 10 Custom Scales, 3 each for imperial and metric units, lets you "roll" or define any scale from plans that are out-of-scale. Permanently store new scale for future use.
  • Constant (+K) allows you to add/subtract a constant value to a distance measured for take-outs and add-ons. Calculate area, volume, height, length, width for imperial/metric units
  • Built-in Auto Counter to count how many times a pre-set distance has been rolled. Manual Count while rolling for studs, outlets, or other items. Subtract function to remove the last distance measured.
  • Complete takeoffs with speed and accuracy
  • Reduce errors in estimates and bids
  • Improve productivity & maximize profitability
  • Create permanent record of dimensions & values
  • Interfaces with PC spreadsheets or estimating programs
  • For contractors, estimators, engineers, landscapers, electrical contractors and more