Snap-Off Blade Utility Knives

You'll always have a sharp cutting surface when you choose snap-off blade utility knives from Hardware World. Snap-off blade knives are typically used in industrial settings where workers are constantly opening boxes, cutting strapping and breaking seals. Snap-off razor knives are designed with thin, perforated blades that can be bent and snapped off when dulled, revealing the sharp edge of a fresh blade below.

When shopping for a snap-off utility knife, it's important to know which size of knife you need before ordering. Knives range in blade size, with some being only slightly thicker than a standard pen. Thin utility knives are great for crafting purposes or retail workers while wider, heavier knives are ideal for warehouse workers that open many boxes and packages throughout the day. Need more than one? Order a bulk bucket of knives and outfit each of your employees with their own personal cutters. At Hardware World, we offer low prices on thousands of different items so it's easy to get the tools you need while sticking to a budget. Order now and get same-day shipping on orders placed before noon Eastern Standard Time.