Extension Poles & Handles

Access high or hard-to-reach areas without the need for a ladder by ordering an extension handle from Hardware World. Designed to fit onto a standard paint roller, wall sander or tool holder, our extension handles add up to 12 feet of added length. That means you'll be able to paint the top of the wall, sand patched ceilings or do detail work on high-up windows with ease. Ladders can leave you feeling unsteady, so keep your feet firmly on the ground by using a high-quality extension handle from Hardware World.

We carry a variety of extension handles and ends to choose from. Order an extendable aluminum handle that's lightweight and adjusts from 4 feet to 8 feet in an instant or pick out a new sanding head to finish a project. We carry spray poles for cleaning windows or greenhouses, painting poles for convenient and mess-free home improvements and fiberglass Wooster extension poles for the ultimate in durability. For pole accessories, we carry swiveling sanding heads, paint rollers, tool holders and more. Find the extension pole and the accessories you need to complete a variety of projects at Hardware World.