Item # 9W7CHCUPC: 039932006507


Need just a couple more inches reach from your extension pole?  Or how about this ... a threaded holder to go on the end of your extension pole to hold other things besides paint rollers?!  What a great idea, right?!

Here is the solution for attaching non-threaded tools such as paint brushes, dusters, scrapers and more, to an extension pole.  .... Can't quite reach that ceiling fan to dust ... attached the hand-held Swiffer Duster and you can reach below and above each blade!   And you can carefully dust any chandelier in the foyer now, too!  Cobwebs up in that high ceiling corner ... no need to try to get it down with a too-short broom ... this is an easy reach with this holder and your extension pole.  Same with those cobwebs on your front porch!  You’ll discover even more uses for this handy tool indoors and out.


  • Allows you to use a variety of tools with extension poles for hard-to-reach places
  • Standard threaded end
  • Fits any Mr. LongArm extension pole
  • Adjusts 270° - Set and lock tool holder in 13 different angles
  • Made in USA