Sandpaper Sheets

Whether you are doing some fine sanding by hand or some coarse sanding with an electric sander, you want to do the job right the first time and avoid costly mistakes. At Hardware World, we carry a huge selection of sandpaper sheets, emery cloths and accessories that will help you get professional results every time, whether you are a home DIYer or a tradesman. Thanks to our low overhead, we can provide you these supplies at extremely attractive prices, with fast turnaround on shipping.

Our inventory of emery cloth, sandpaper sheets and accessories covers just about every task under the sun. From a palm sheet to a large sheet, sandpaper is available in all kinds of sizes here to suit your task. We also carry all the fine, medium and coarse sandpaper you will need, from 3M drywall screen sheets, 150 grit, to 180 grit 3M garnet, 25-pack sheets. Here you'll also find assorted-grit packs that give you everything you need in one convenient and economical package.