Roller Covers & Floor Pads

If you want to give your paint job a smooth, uniform and professional-looking appearance, nothing beats a roller cover. Used with a roller handle, it will provide an unrivaled finish. A paint roller will also allow you to apply paint over a broad area much more rapidly, saving you time. Hardware World carries a gigantic selection of Roller Covers and Refills so you can find one that's just right for the paint job you're undertaking.

We carry roller covers in many styles to give you the best results on any type of surface, whether smooth or rough. Choose from economy roller covers if you are on a budget as well as premium professional styles, such as our lambskin roller covers, if you are looking for superior coverage that's practically drip-free.

We also carry roller covers to handle areas with varying dimensions, from the thinnest trim to the widest walls. Choose from 18-inch roller covers as well as 4-inch, 6-inch, 9-inch and many other sizes. Many of our rollers are available in multipacks that will save you even more over our already low prices. For cutting in or other detail work, we also carry a big selection of economy as well as professional paint brushes.