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Jumbo-Koter rollers make painting easier. The greatest appeal is for small jobs that typically in the past would have required a brush. Jumbo-Koters are lightweight, fast, and easy to use. They're great for any area with a lot of fixtures, trim, or windows resulting in small wall spaces. Keep Jumbo-Koter in mind for these painting projects, kitchens, baths, closets, hallways, cabinets, moldings, and cutting-in trim work.

  • Lime green flocked foam roller cover
  • For varnishes, stains, and all paints
  • Good density produces even, spray-like results
  • Closed end save time when painting corners
  • Use with any of the Jumbo-Koter cage frames ~ To see product page ~ Click Here: Jumbo Koter 
  • Packed two covers per bag