Glazing Points & Drivers

Hardware World is the place to get glazing points and a premium glazing point driver from a leading brand. Glazing points are an inexpensive but effective hardware piece for holding glass inside a sash or frame until you can apply putty or glaze. Our glazing points can be used for making new windows or for re-glazing a window in an older home. We offer several styles of glazing points, including glazier push points, triangle glazing points, wax-free diamond glazing points and stacked long point glazier points. You're sure to find an option for your next window or framing project that holds your glass securely without causing damage.

While some glazing points can be pushed into place with a putty knife, larger models require a special glazing point tool to set them in a window pane. Precision drivers such as the Fletcher glazing point driver give you flat, jam-free firing so you can quickly get your glass set. Order a model with a tension adjustment and you can alter the firing power to fit your project. Our affordably priced window glazing hardware ships the same day on orders before noon EST and is sales tax–free outside the state of Washington.