Picture/Mirror/Decor Hanging Hardware

Whether you just want to stick a snapshot of a loved one on your fridge or you wish to display your Renoir to best advantage in your living room, you want your picture to look just right and to hang securely and safely. The same goes for mirrors — perhaps even more so if you believe in that old superstition of bad luck associated with broken mirrors. No worries. At Hardware World, we offer a huge selection of high-quality, attractive Mirror and Picture Hanging Hooks, Strips and Hardware that will let you hang up your photos, paintings and mirrors without hang-ups

From hanging a small mirror on the wall of a bathroom or putting up a full-length mirror or even a room full of mirrors, you can choose from a wide variety of mirror hanging hardware here. Our mirror installation hardware includes heavy-duty mirror hangers to handle even the biggest mirrors. This heavy mirror hanging hardware features some mirror and picture hangers that can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

We also carry many hidden picture hangers you can install behind photos, pictures and paintings so you and your guests can concentrate on looking at the picture and not what's holding it up. For lighter use, we have many types of adhesive picture strips and hangers that are economical and effective. Here you can also find all the wire and hooks you will need as well as complete picture and mirror hanging kits that you can install effortlessly and quickly.