Old Masters Brand

Since 1953, an Iowa company called Old Masters has been producing some of the best stains and finishes on the market. Whether you have an old family heirloom you are renewing or want to give a new piece of furniture premium protection and great looks, the Old Masters Brand Urethanes, Varnishes and Stains available from Hardware World will provide you masterful results.

The Old Masters' stain lineup sets you up with an incredible palette of earth-tone colors, such as red walnut, pecan and aged oak. Thanks to our huge selection, you can pick from a variety of sizes, such as a pint of Old Masters stain (dark walnut), 8 oz. of vintage burgundy, a gallon of fruitwood stain and much more.

Penetrating stains such as our Old Masters Penetrating Stain 40701 fill and seal while providing rich, deep color on cabinets, doors, floors and more. For smaller jobs and easy application, we also offer Old Masters polyurethane and varnishes in spray cans.

If you are looking for a finish that can stand up to the harsh conditions of a maritime climate, look no further than our Old Masters Spar Marine Varnish. As suitable and beautiful for buildings as boats, this varnish will provide a durable exterior coating for wood, fiberglass, coated metal and painted surfaces.