Synthetic Rubber Caulks & Sealants

A good choice for exterior applications, synthetic rubber caulk can be used in wet and cold conditions, and is flexible enough to expand and contract as a seal under changing temperatures. It's often used on wood siding, roofs and joints. Hardware World carries a complete line of synthetic rubber caulks and sealants that will help you do the job right.

Likened to the duct tape of caulks, Lexel synthetic rubber caulks can handle a variety of tasks. They are super elastic and paintable. These products can be applied to wet or dry surfaces outdoors or indoors, and will provide a lasting seal. They will bond to practically any material, making them extremely versatile, and they can handle joint movements of as much as 400 percent, thanks to their flexibility. Choose from tubes in a variety of sizes as well as clear or white caulk.

We also carry QUAD sealant that's ideal for cold-weather construction for sealing windows, doors and much more. This paintable sealant adheres to many materials, including brick, concrete, vinyl siding, cedar, aluminum and more.