Plastic Pipe Cement, Cleaner & Primer

The philosophy of "right tool for the job" applies to more than just tools. If you're working with plastic pipes, you need the right cements, cleaners and primers to ensure your project works perfectly and looks great.

Hardware World offers a wide variety of cements, primers and cleaners for PVC pipe. Made by the industry's top names such as Gorilla Brand and Harvey's, these supplies will let you complete a range of plumbing jobs efficiently and with a large helping of longevity. Whether you're embedding PVC pipe in concrete or leaving it out in the open, you'll find exactly what you need.

PVC pipe offers many advantages over other materials, because of its lightness, flexibility and strength. But that plumbing is only as good as the fixtures. Don't let an inferior cement cause damage to your property. We offer deep discounts on the industry's best products, and our same-day shipping helps you get that work done more quickly.