Sanding Sponges & Blocks & Kits

Get the perfect finish on your most important projects with sanding sponges, blocks and kits from Hardware World. Sanding sponges and blocks are handheld sanding devices that are used to do the final finish on handmade wooden items. They're perfect for sanding projects that have contours, curves, dowels or other oddly shaped pieces, and are designed to make the sanding job dramatically easier. For more flexibility, consider a sanding sponge, which can be worked into oddly shaped spaces. With many sizes and styles of hand sanders available, you're sure to find the right tools for any job.

Sanding blocks and sponges are available in a variety of courses including 60 grit, 220 grit and more. The grit describes the roughness of the sponge or sander, with lower grits being made to remove larger amounts of material while higher grits are better for fine or finish work. Sanding blocks and sponges are easier to use for hand sanding than sandpaper alone, which can bunch up and tear. Blocks allow for even stokes and pressure for a smoother surface in less time. Blocks can be recharged by adding new sandpaper, making them a great value.

Shop at Hardware World for the best selection of 3M sanding blocks and 3M sanding sponges for any job. There's no sales tax for customers outside of Washington and orders placed before noon Eastern Standard Time qualify for same-day shipping.