Barn Door Latches, Guides & Bumpers

Your barn door will always close effortlessly and hold fast with our barn door latches and accessories. Whether you have a swinging door or a sliding door, we will help you get the right barn hardware – and if you place it by noon East Coast time, we'll ship it the same day. An adjustable Whitcomb barn door latch is the standard for swinging doors, as they have a wide base and strong lugs. Both wood and metal doors will stay firm when secured with a reversible door jamb latch. National Hardware sliding barn door latches can be used with either swinging or sliding doors, and their design allows for the use of padlocks to provide additional security.

Our barn door guides and bumpers for sliding doors will keep them on track when opening or closing. Order a barn door bottom guide or side mount guide that can be adjusted for various thicknesses and your doors will always move smoothly. When they reach full close, a barn door bumper will stop them from hitting against door jams or other doors. These seemingly small pieces make a big difference on your farm, and with our low prices and highly rated customer service, you'll always have strong barn doors.