Whitcom Brand Barn Door Latch,  Black Satin Enamel Finish  ~  Approx 5" x 2-5/8"


Item # 7OAKPTUPC: 762532001022

Whitcomb Latches are the perfect addition for doors on sheds, barns, and garages. Use them on any swinging door! Their superior features and quality are well-known based on 90 years experience.

  • Rugged lugs on handle are built to stand hard wear
  • Strong spring makes for surer latching and longer life
  • Wide base on front catch prevents screws from pulling loose
  • No rivets, no pins, and no welds!
  • Two strong lugs take the pull--no chance for the handle to pull off
  • Adjustable to most door thicknesses up to 2"
  • Approx Size: 5" x 2-5/8"
  • Length of handles: 3-1/2"