T-Hinges & Strap Hinges

Strong and easy to install, T-hinges and strap hinges are great for hanging gates and doors where you need easy access and egress but a secure closure. At Hardware World, we carry a big selection of heavy-duty strap hinges and T-hinges, so you can find exactly the right size, material and look to suit your needs. From plain, economical strap hinges for hanging pasture or backyard gates to decorative black T-hinges that will help make a grand entrance, we have what you need.

Choose from a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel to synthetic vinyl. You also can pick among many finishes, including enamel, galvanized and zinc.

Whether you are looking for galvanized 4-inch strap hinges, a 6-inch T-hinge, an 8-inch T-hinge or any other kind of heavy duty strap hinge or T-hinge, you will find it here. And you can get it with our superior service and fast shipping while paying no sales tax on orders shipped outside Washington.