Hose Connectors & Couplings

Fix up your outdoor hose or expand your water possibilities with Hardware World's hose connectors and hose fittings. We have hose hardware from industry leaders such as Gilmour, Orbit Irrigation, LR Nelson and Apache that are made to fit securely and provide superior water flow and pressure. Don't settle for any old hose coupling — get a shut-off plastic coupling, brass goose neck coupling or one of our other premium models. And don't let your existing connectors limit what you can add on. Our garden hose connectors include female to female and male to male adapter options so you can get the best flow for watering your landscape, cleaning your car or washing off pets.

If you find yourself constantly removing your hose from the faucet for storage or aesthetics, a garden hose quick connector will make this task simple. Our brass male and female quick connectors are durable and work with most shut-off valves. And why limit yourself to just one hose? A multi-way hose manifold allows you to connect two or more hoses to a single faucet so multiple people can use them simultaneously. Shop at Hardware World the next time you need a hose to hose connector, male hose mender, shut-off valve or other long-lasting parts. We are known for unmatched customer service!