Closet/Shower Pole Sockets

Install a new closet or shower pole with ease using a specially made socket set from Hardware World. Our socket sets include one open-lip socket and one closed-lip socket for greater stability and ease of use. Simply install one socket on either side of the closet or shower opening using the pre-made screw holes. Once the sockets are in place, put the end of the pole into the closed-lip socket and slide the other end of the pole into the open-lip socket. We recommend leaving the open side up during socket installation.

We carry closet pole sockets and shower sockets in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your needs. For shower poles, we recommend steel or metal pole sockets. For closets and other dry locations, we recommend a wooden closet pole socket. Pole sockets come in a range of sizes, so when ordering it's important to be sure that the size socket you choose matches the size of your pole. Order a set of closet or shower pole sockets today and get same-day shipping when you order before noon Eastern Standard Time.