Item # YB7J2JUPC: 085995001799


Now THIS is a watering can!  No namby-pamby plastic for you,  Master Gardener!   Here is the good, old fashioned, "don't mess with me, I am watering the petunias" watering can.  This can will not only tote a good 2.5 gallons (or 10  quarts!) of water with ease (two handles, count 'em .. 2 !!) but will do it with style (vintage that is) and durability.  No cracking, no flaking, no rodent chewed holes.  THIS, my friend, is the watering can for YOU. 

  • High quality watering can
  • Vintage/classic look
  • Better than plastic as it is rodent proof
  • Won't absorb odors and is recyclable ~  Mix in a little plant food while you water - rinse when through & no lingering smell or product ... just refill with fresh water and you are good for the next flower bed!
  • Weather resistant - won't rust
  • Rear handle and top bail handle for convenient carrying and pouring
  • Durable Strength -  Made with hot dipped galvanized steel - sparkles in the sunlight, easy to spot in amongst all your fine greenery
  • P.S.  Also makes a dandy planter ... just place terra cotta pot inside that fits or drill some small holes for drainage.  Also great for use with crafts or decorations inside or outside the home ...