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I can deal with one or two benign spiders in my house ... but the ferocious kind .... nope!   They gotta go!  And I don't want to be too near them when they meet their demise.  This Hot Shot Spider and Scorpion Killer is just the ticket!   I can stand a safe distance  back and let the spray do it's job.  And boy, does it ever ... kills on contact.  All those little legs straight up in the air.  Dead.  Just the way I like my spiders. And scorpions.  And any other creepy crawlies that want to invade my space. 

If you have the same aversion, or ferocious spiders (black widows,  brown recluse, wolf spiders) or scorpions   are threatening your family by hiding out in corners or hanging out in your yard,  then this is the spray for you.   Keeps on killing for up to 4 months. 

Be sure to read the label so you know how to eliminate each kind of pest ... keep this out of your eyes and off your skin and wash your hands after using. And don't spray where fish live.  Other than that ... this is the product you want and need.  Get two cans ... one to use indoors and one to use outdoors.    /\/\(..)/\/\   Eeek!   I see one now!  Be right back! 

  • Spider & Scorpion spray kills on contact
  • Residue effect keep killing for up to 16 weeks
  • No oily residue or mess
  • Controls the following: Black widow, brown recluse, and wolf spiders, scorpions, ants*, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, sow bugs,  brown dog ticks and other common household pests. *excluding harvester, pharaoh and fire ants
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Unscented