Item # YB7I3OUPC: 022624019978

How is your underhand pitch?   All you need is a gentle toss to get these sticks where they need to go! 

Reduces chimney creosote to harmless ash, but Does Not replace the need for a professional chimney sweeping, but makes that job easier. 
  • Have Creosote Build-Up in your lovely fireplace?  Toss in Creosote remover. 
  • For airtight stoves and fireplaces: Toss the entire stick in a wood burning fire. 
Modifies creosote by changing it from a sticky tar like substance to a brushable ash.

Toss entire tube into a brisk fire.   Pre-measured for toss-in convenience.

Use 2 tubes weekly for first month of treatment, after that 1 tube per week for rest of heating season.