Item # YB7GEWUPC: 014759005957


This is an all purpose sterilized cleaner that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places. It's ozone safe. Ideal for cleaning computers, lab equipment, photo equipment, scanners, fans, DVD players,  TVs, desk tops, watches, telephones, guns, mailing machines, clocks, keyboards, audio equipment, stereos, printers, typewriters, shredders, sports equipment, fax machines, copiers, musical instruments, electric razors, vacuums, cash registers, sewing machines, and much more.

All cans are factory sealed with a break off tab before use still intact. Each can includes a small straw allowing you to get into those hard to reach dusty areas.

  • Removes dust from electronics & more
  • Use to remove dust & light dirt from: Computers/keyboards, workbench/tools, printers and photo equipment
  • Aerosol with trigger spray
  • Case of 12