Item # TVE2RMUPC: 076812016454


Look at this beauty.  Shouldn't she be hanging in your shop or garage at the ready for any wood cutting job you might have?  This is an old fashioned quality saw - real wood handle with a chrome nickel steel blade. 

Beautiful and smooth cutting ... can't you just hear that satisfying sound of metal cutting into wood ... the smell of newly sawn wood .. the fine sawdust .... it is such a total experience.  What are you waiting for?   Order this saw and go make something!

  • Great Neck 26" Fine Cut Hand Saw:  10 pt. chrome nickel steel blade
  • Blade is ideal for rougher, more aggressive cuts
  • Weather-resistant dark stained hardwood handle designed for all-purpose woodworking applications
  • Precision set and has sharpened teeth to provide a greater cutting ability
  • Lifetime Warranty administered by Manufacturer