Item # TVDY8CUPC: 078693500510


Save energy by shutting down computer peripherals when not in use, schedule lamps and a radio to turn on and keep your pet company while you’re away, monitor if your kids have the gaming console or TV on when they should be doing homework, or program holiday lights and decorations to give a festive look to your home. Simple control, all at your fingertips.

With WiOn smart switches, wirelessly connect all of your favorite devices using our simple, feature-filled products. No knowledge of electrical wiring needed! No need to buy special electronics--the WiOn indoor Wi-Fi outlet retrofits your existing electrical devices to completely modernize your home - Download this user-friendly app, connect your device to your smartphone using your existing Wi-Fi network, and begin controlling your device from anywhere - at home or on the go using Wi-Fi network or mobile internet (3G/4G/LTE).

  • Control electrical devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
  • 6-outlet strip - 2 switch controlled & 4 Wi-Fi controlled as a group (Not separately)
  • Program multiple On/Off settings, countdown, random vacation & sunrise/sunset schedules
  • Manage any device that can be powered off when not in use using your Wi-Fi router & free app
  • Manage computers, gaming consoles, entertainment centers or any device that can be powered off when not in use for energy savings