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Don't have a green thumb but love plants around your home?  Here is something to help those of us who manage to kill silk flowers.  2-in-1 plant spikes.  Not only do these little spikes fertilize your plants, feeding them with all they need to grow and be green and lush, but they also deliver a knock-out punch to pesky insects who want to ruin the day by munching on those green leaves, tasty blooms and gnaw away at the roots.  Pests be gone! 

No hard work involved -- just push the spikes into the soil.  Two per pot.  That is it.  Children should be so easy to raise.

  • Insect control plus fertilizer
  • No spraying, no mess, just push spikes into soil
  • Protects & feeds for up to 8 weeks
  • 8-11-5 slow release fertilizer
  • Bayer active ingredient: 2.5% Imidacloprid
  • Treats up to  ten  5" potted plants
  • Quantity per package: 10 Spikes
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