Item # RNHABVUPC: 095421075034

Utilize by attaching a rope or chain to the eyebolt and go fishing for metal objects in tanks, barrels, reservoirs, waterways or hard to reach places. Hold and position spray nozzles, hoses, temporary wiring and more. Move parts in and out of degreasing tanks.

  • Designed to retrieve and hold flat steel surfaces, nails, hand tools and other ferrous items on contact
  • Magnet holds up to 100 pounds on contact with 1/4" thick, flat, smooth ferrous plate in a vertical test, 50% less on vertical surface holding against sliding force and less on steel with paint
  • Magnet assembly made of ceramic (ferrite) magnets and steel enclosed with durable red plastic and black rubber
  • Add the enclosed eyebolt on the top or side of magnet and use to hold, lift and hang objects
  • Includes two magnetic shields to block magnetic strength when not in use, allowing easy storage in a toolbox without attracting other tools