Item # RNHA5WUPC: 047569008962


Single pole fits tandem circuits. Non-interchangeable. 10,000 AIR. Visi-Trip indicator. Circuit limiting. Allows two circuits from one space in the load center. Plug-in. Fits Q.O. panels. Standard overload and short circuit protection in Q.O. load centers. For CTL (circuit limiting) load centers with bus bar slots. Tandem breakers offer two circuit protection while only requiring one space in a load center. UL listed. C.S.A. approved.

  • 20/20 amp
  • 2 circuits on 1 place
  • 120/240 V AC
  • Circuit limiting
  • For load center with pan rail slots
  • QOT2020
  • UL listed. C.S.A. approved
  • NOTE:    For old style load centers built prior to 1967 (non-class CTL QO)  see Item # KZR0YT