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Breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians have been using Lectro-Kennels to warm pets for more than 40 years. Use this unique heated dog/cat pad to keep your special pet warm in even the coldest temperatures, whether outdoors or indoors. Its internal thermostats automatically heat to a dog's/cat's natural body temperature and will turn on and off as needed to keep him or her warm and safe.

The Lectro-Kennel's sleek, smooth design is now more comfortable and durable than ever! Included is a washable fleece cover for added softness.

  • Constructed of rugged ABS plastic with a 5.5 Ft steel wrapped cord ~ for outdoor or indoor use
  • Plug it in and it will automatically warm on its own. There is no on/off switch to worry about and the pad will never exceed the natural body temperature of a dog or cat
  • Lecto-Kennel can lie flat on the doghouse floor or be attached to the wall
  • Water-resistant build is perfect for dog houses, porches, garage floors, barns, or even the living room. No matter where you set the Lectro-Kennel, it's sure to be your pet's favorite resting place
  • Internal thermostat heated to compliment your pets body temperature ~ Pre-Set Temp: 102°F
  • Comes with removable, washable fleece cover
  • For indoor & outdoor use - 1-yr. manufacturer's limited warranty
  • 80 Watts