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A little goes a long way. Like, a really long way.  Put it this way -  unless your yard and garden is infested like a bad scary movie - Jurassic Bugs Part XVII or some other creepy crawly epic ... then one quart will last you longer than you will have pests.

Concentrates and water go together like peas and carrots. Speaking of peas and carrots, you’ll be harvesting baskets full of them, plus whatever else is growing in your garden. A simple squeeze of the bottle measures the perfect amount for use. Add water to sprayer, and start spraying leaf surfaces, stems, branches, vegetables, flowers, fruits, or ornamentals. Then sit back and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.  And not see one little scurry behind a leaf.  Seriously.

  • For larger gardens & lawns
  • Use on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals & lawns
  • Kills over 100 insects
  • Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, ticks & ants
  • Quart concentrate bottle