Item # PFKJ32UPC: 076174335163


Every toolbox and 'junk drawer' needs one of these.  There is always something that needs a handy measuring tape.  Not too big - not too short.  Just Right. 

Great product - stands up to rigorous on the job use,  or the occasional DIY'er, or the once-in-a-while-but-need-it-when-you-need-it-to-make-an-awesome-science-fair-project occasion. 

  • 8' blade standout
  • BladeArmorâ„¢ coating on the first 3" maximizes durability of the blade
  • Mylar® polyester film extends life of entire blade
  • Compact case design for grip and feel
  • Chrome high-impact ABS case is job site tough
  • Secure blade lock won't creep during measurements
  • 16" and 19.2" stud center markings simplify framing jobs
  • This is an updated version of this product - it no longer includes the conversion scale or the three rivet hook connection