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The recipe for LifeTime® Wood Treatment has been handed down for over 60 years through three generations of woodworking craftsmen. This family-owned and operated business has made LifeTime® available commercially in Canada for 20 years, and has eventually become available across the world. We are proud to have made it possible for homeowners, contractors, and manufacturers to share in the time-tested benefits of this truly unique product that is often immitated, but never equalled.

Heightened concerns about our environment and the protection of our natural resources are apparent everywhere. Therefore, the availablility of this non-toxic, eco-friendly product is truly, good news for all. Users of LifeTime® Wood Treatment will benefit greatly through savings in time and money, while lessening the harmful impact on our soil, air, water, and forests. Lets do our part.

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic wood treatment
  • Treat marinas, house sidings, decking, posts, log homes, sheds, doors, aging, graying and more
  • Natural substances penetrate wood fibers
  • Permanently modifies the wood structure
  • Creates no harmful residue in soil or water
  • In concentrated powder form - stores indefinitely
  • Mix with water only the amount you need
  • Coverage: 150-200 Sq.Ft.