Item # N7NUO5UPC: 078477841549


Elastomeric husk provides added protection form dirt and moisture entry into back wire port. Designed to stand up to rough use and is ideal for shops, garages, and rough duty work with hard floors. Features two piece strain relief cord grip clamp that centers cord for neat installation.

Use with 18-3, 16-3, 14-3 and 12-3 AWG cord sizes (.245 to.655-inches). Armored feature takes a lot of rough punishment. Triple drive head screws; 3/16-inch fits Slotted, Philips, and Roberson screwdrivers. Husk and Module are keyed for easy alignment during wiring. NEMA rating molded into front module for easy ID.

  • Grounding rubber cord outlet
  • Matching connector for No. 515 Leviton cap
  • Wire gauge - 18-12 AWG
  • 15 Amp - 125 Volt - ideal for heavy use
  • 3-wire connector resists cold, abrasion & impact
  • UL Listed - CSA certified
  • NEMA 5-15R