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Beware of other products bearing the words Tung Oil. The majority of products sold as Tung Oil Finishes are NOT pure Tung Oil at all. Many are actually varnishes that contain as much as 75% thinner. Read the label, and if it contains petroleum distillates it’s NOT pure Tung Oil. Insist on Hope’s 100% Tung Oil, it is neither thinned nor diluted… it is pure 100% Tung Oil.

For a hand-rubbed low gloss finish,  Tung oil is an exotic, naturally drying oil imported from South America and China and is recognized by craftsmen to be the "ultimate" drying oil for all fine woods.   Unlike other finishes that sit on the wood's surface, Tung oil penetrates deep into wood fibers, cures, and actually becomes part of the wood.  It forms a low gloss "hand rubbed" finish that's not only beautiful, but remarkably durable.  The resistance to moisture and alcoholic drinks is truly amazing. 

Do not apply 100% Tung Oil over an existing finish, nor over wax, polish or grease. All of these must first be removed because the oil must penetrate into the wood. Just follow the simple label directions.

  • Low luster natural finish
  • Remove old finish & then rub on Tung Oil
  • Dries to a hard satin finish
  • Alcohol and water resistant
  • Does not contain UV inhibitors
  • NOTE:   Product now comes in plastic jugs.  Image has been updated to reflect that

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