Item # N7NRFHUPC: 031365040400

This is an aluminum SNATH - Not to be confused with SNAKE despite its serpentine appearance.  What in the world is a Snath you may ask?  It is simply the shaft or handle of a scythe.  Who thinks up these names anyway?  Altogether too many consonants.

What we have here is an all purpose Aluminum Scythe Snath. To be used with assorted sized Sycthe blades that are designed for cutting weeds, briars and light brush.  Not only does the leverage make bush whacking much easier but you will cut a fine figure as Lord over  your  Jungle....

  • Snath, iron loop bolt, for medium duty cutting
  • Made of aluminum
  • Scythe tang fits on steel web and iron loop bolt (Blade is NOT included.) Click: Here's the blade
  • 1-1/2" D x 61" L
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