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NOTE: This is a high demand product that the manufacturer often cannot meet with their factory production levels. Additionally, these products come from Canada and the delay in Customs can be over 6 to 8 weeks.


Extension ladders will get you to high places, but they mercilessly crush the delicate gutters that encircle most roofs.

The Ladder Mount rests inside common 5" or 6" gutters to serve as a smash-preventing docking station for your ladder. Constructed of rugged polypropylene, it protects gutters by distributing the ladder's weight against the stronger fascia. Makes elevated work safer too, with holes for a bungee cord (not included) to keep your ladder from slipping.

A pocket in the bottom of the Ladder Mount accepts an extension pole or broom handle, so you can position it with your feet safely on the ground. 

  • Fits inside all 5” and 6“ gutters to support a ladder safely in place while preventing gutter damage supports weight of ladder against fascia, not the gutter.
  • Shovel is made from reinforced and heat treated carbon steel
  • Easy to use gutter docking station for ladders
  • It secures any ladder safely in place
  • Dimensions:  18-3/4" L x 7" W x 6-1/2" H

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