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Painting doors is one of those chores everyone tries to avoid. The most common concern while painting a door is how to render a clean and even finish to the door without sags and runs in the paint. In addition to a clean finish, being able to paint both sides of the door and having a clean out-of-the-way space for the door(s) to dry are important concerns.

The Door Decker Finishing System is comprised of two steel plates with handles on each attached with brass eyelets. Each plate is securely screwed into the center of either end of a door with a #8 x 1 1/4 inch Phillips wafer head screw (included with purchase) prior to paint or stain application.

One pair used on each door is the best method for the average height/weighted door. Once the Door Deckers are attached, painting can begin. Spray one side and then with one person on each end of the doors, flip the door and spray the opposite side. Then move the door to an out of the way location for stacking and drying.

Continue the process with each additional door. The inter-locking system of the steel plates allows for the Door Deckers to balance against each other while stacked.

This horizontal painting and drying process creates application finishes without runs or sags and stacked up and out of the way for drying - great for saving space on a job site.

  • Door Decker drying systems can be used with not just hollow but also solid core doors (However one should be cautious while stacking heavy doors too high).
  • Door Deckers work really well with shelves and shutters as well as doors.
  • Stain, paint, and lacquering work can all be completed with Door Deckers at a comfortable (non-stooping) working position
  • Allows for painting the whole door in one day
  • Attach quick & easy to ends of a door
  • Provides comfortable, horizontal working surface
  • Gives level area for even mill finishing
  • Convenient handles for turning so both sides can be finished at once
  • Stack multiples units to save space
  • Set of 6 pairs
  • (Sawhorse not included)