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      The Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap utilizes the power of potassium salts of fatty acids (insecticidal soap). The potassium salts weaken the insect’s waxy protective outer shell. This is what makes Safer® Brand's insecticidal soap ideal for aphid control and mealybug control as it will dehydrate the insect by breaking down its waxy membrane.

      Since Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap, is a contact killer, several applications may be needed for full control.  As a general rule, much like watering, do not use these products in the peak of the day or when temperatures exceed 90 degrees F to avoid wilting or browning of the leaves.

      Unlike traditional synthetic chemicals, Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap is safe to use around children and pets. It breaks down into their natural elements within 7-10 days, leaving no residual impact on the environment.

      Safer® Brand Insecticidal soap is highly preferable to chemical pesticides, who possess toxins that can kill beneficial insects and cause long-term detrimental effects on the environment. Another negative effect of chemical pesticides is the fact that insects can possibly buildup a resistance to the chemicals in the pesticides.

  • What it kills: Aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, harlequin bugs, leafhoppers, mealybugs, mites, plant bugs, psyllids, sawfly larvae, soft scales, spider mites, squash bugs, blossom thrips, and whiteflies.
  • Where to use it: Roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants, trees, shrubs, and ornamentals
  • 32oz spray bottle - no mixing, ready to use.