Item # EC0Q8KUPC: 054711025807


Safe, effective, shock designed for animals that are sensitive to electric shock like horses, dogs and short haired animals. Approved by Leading Equestrians. Advanced Solid-State Circuitry Shocks through weeds & brush. Quick, and Easy Installation.

  • Designed for horses, pets and small animals
  • For small to medium pastures
  • 12 volt - battery operated (Not included)
  • Low impedance advanced solid state circuitry
  • Shocks through wet weeds & brush
  • Built-in flashing operational light
  • Weatherproof for outdoor installation
  • 2.4 joules - American made - UL Listed
  • 2-yr. warranty covers damage caused by lightning - administered and regulated by Parmack
NOTE:  Horse Fence Horses are unpredictable and because of their ability to run and jump, horses can escape fenced pastures (especially when frightened). In locations where horses may escape causing injury to themselves or people (ie. roadways, railroad tracks, rivers, etc), a permanent boundary fence must be constructed. In addition to the permanent fence, use  Electric Fence Tape for increased visibility to help horse see and avoid fence.   Click Here for Tape      When fencing horses no type of fence is totally escape proof. Maintain fence and check the fence regularly.